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Natural Gas Storage and Transportation Equipment
Company Introduction


   Natural Gas Storage and Transportation Equipment Net is belongs Xinxing Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. Our company established in 1956, is integrated with R&D, production, sales and service, which is a high technology enterprise. And our company independently researches and develops the productions of full range of natural gas storage and transportation equipment, such as large volume LNG Mobile Filling Trailer, φ711 series Semi trailer, LNG Tank Container, The Cylinder for Vehicles and so on. Our company owns the core technology that is engine numerical control co firing system for vehicle and ship use. Our company obtained the design and manufacture certification for Class I, II, III pressure vessels, got the U stamp and certification from ASME, have the CCC certification.

   For many years, Xinxing Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. sticks to the philosophy of developing natural gas equipment business, pursuing low carbon life, benefiting generations of human, energetically generalizes oil-gas new energy dual fuel heavy truck business, nationwide layout of Modern Ecological Logistics Park of Non-pipeline Network Natural Gas. Now, our company is specialized in Xinxing oil-gas new energy heavy track sales, equipment retrofitting, isolated plant and parts   sales related omni-directional oil-gas new energy vechile   business and natural gas storage equipment, building the gas filling station, manufacturing,installing, technical consulting service and other all natural gas industrial chain operation of integrated science and technology operations.

   Relying on Xinxing Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., XXHI Tianjin International Trade   Co., Ltd., XXHI Tianjin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., 6617, 7445 and so on, our company creates Xinxing Energy Equipment plate, implementation of the industrial chain upstream and downstream extension, to become a natural gas industrial chain integrated operators;

   Relying on Erdos Natural Gas resource, Xinxing Energy Equipments production and R&D capacity, the planed green logistics park, seizing the decade golden opportunity of domestic natural gas industry, our company becomes the integration services provider of natural gas resources, equipment manufacturing, green logistics and so on related with the whole industry chain, the whole value chain, the whole supply chain.

   Setting the advantages of each enterprise resources under Xinxing Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., our company basically formed four key business segments which refits with Dual-fuel, Non-pipeline Natural GasTransportation, Natural Gas Storage and Equipment, Modern Ecological Logistics Park, which achieves the goal of   "structural adjustment, promote the transformation".

Company Presentation