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Product Detail
CNG movable Filling Station
CNG movable Filling Station
Working pressure : 20Mpa
Water capacity : 18NM3
Total weight : 36200kg
Original : 0.00

Product details:


     At present, as the national saving energy and reducing consumption, reduce environmental pollution and so on, the construction of CNG stations has become an inevitable trend in the development of clean energy, but in some big cities, CNG stations was built on the basis of the original petrol station, subject to the small area of the original petrol station, and the emergency gas filling in the absence of CNG stations, the Mobile filling hydraulic station vehicle which cover a small area, highly integrated, integrating transportation and gas adapt to the demand of the market, realized the combination of transportation and filling.

Mobile filling hydraulic station vehicle has the following advantages:

1. Save the land, the existing station can realize the filling function when the Mobile filling vehicle is added.

2. Short construction period, do not need to be civil.

3. Simple formalities for examination and approval.

4. Using gas station network, the construction of oil and gas mixing station, increase the investment returns.

     Compared with the traditional stations, Mobile filling vehicle is with low cost, aerated convenient, save human and a series of expenses, the operating costs of the product is only around 50% with similar stations, has a great advantage of market price .